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Al Quest

Grew up in Tema in Ghana where my love for music started from church through the youth choir. Singing was part of the day as my mum was a devout Christian. It became my escape, something I can do in my time alone , writing and building songs. My sound is inspired by Africa, afrobeat, reggae dance Hall and highlife. The joy and vibrant faces of young people alike makes me want to do more music for people to enjoy. Through my music I intend to spread and promote unity... bringing together people of different cultures and races together.


Buyinza is an afrobeat soul singer based in London. She was born, raised and schooled in Uganda before she emigrated to the UK almost 10 years ago. "I have always loved to sing since I was a little girl plus I was influenced and encouraged by my older brothers". After her recent rebranding, Buyinza has now released 4 singles including the latest afrobeat chilled club banger ‘Fine Gal’ in which she unapologetically expresses her Ugandan origins and affirms the power of her sexuality. "I am lucky to have a strong team of believers behind me, encouraging and pushing me to deliver the best that I can." Through the years she has truly learnt that indeed no man is an island and back support is the most important aspect of success.

Daisy PM Artist

Daisy grew up in Southeast London and has become a multi-talented R&B and soul inspiration to many. She is not only a singer, a songwriter but also a model and even an actress. Her music has been inspired by many sounds and genres ranging from Prince to Miss Dynamite to Aretha Franklin and the list goes on. As a person, she believes that there are many sides to ourselves that make us who we are and that we should love them all and love ourselves. Her music conveys this. As an artist, she said she has been blessed with many amazing opportunities to grace the same stage with and open shows for legends such as Archie Bell, Jean Carne, Melba Moore and more.


Deborah is a powerful singer with a ministry akin to that of Yolando Adams. She has a God given ability to create simple yet powerful melodies. Deborah has had the opportunity to develop her musical abilities in church. She has been singing in London at various Christian venues where she performs solo. Some of Deborah’s brilliant worship songs which she has written, have been sung in Churches around the country.


Kamali was born in Mary Jamaica, but has since lived in UK since he was 7years old. Now based in Fins Park and Wood Green. I see my purpose in getting humane people to see what can be achieved together... and then share the importance to our children. Through my spoken words, I want everyone to know what real love is, but more importantly, what love can bring to each and everyone of us. My biggest highlight so far is to be blessed with the opportunity to perform my work to an audience.

Kenan Kián

Hackney born, Berkshire raised & now north London Based, Kián’s journey in music officially started in 2014 a Young Black, Gender fluid, queer creative, struggle with homelessness and not much support! found hisself taking on everything creative! Kenan Kián is a true example of a modern artist - a talented, multi-dimensional & versatile singer, songwriter, dancer and model; Kián brings a feel of nostalgia, power, directness to their music, mixing & matching the old with the new & the bold, to create a sound that just pushes the boundaries of normal, a sounds he calls Alternative Pop! Infusing music, fashion & dance with their captivating live performances & shows, Kián is an artist you can’t seem to forget.

Mr M.a.r.s

M.A.R.S is an acronym (Move Away Reject Sin) and also a monicker of his full name, Marshall, a UK emcee. M.A.R.S followed the footprints in the proverbial sand and is a gospel rapper with sermons commissioned to spreading love. Originating from Zimbabwe, the UK emcee is known for 2011 project, Sermon and Footprints. He is also a chef and poet with an aspiration for creativity that is centred around a philosophy of fostering a sense of belonging among people through love.


Opelsings was born in the UK and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. She found national fame in the USA as part of the singing group ‘Monje’ who won first place on show ‘BET’s Teen Summit’. A few years later Opel moved back to the UK and she was back under the spotlight with her release ‘Looking for Love’ on Renegade Soul Records. 'Looking for Love' is a sassy slice of contemporary R&B Soul.

RT Kesh

A singer/songwriter raised in Hackney, East London whose passion was ignited by her father’s love of music. Through him, she was exposed to the likes of Fela Kuti, The Fugees and Sadé to name a few. These combined with her own love of R&B formed the basis of her style and sound today. At a very young age she was diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin condition where the body’s immune system attacks the melanin. Growing up in a world where image is everything, RTKesh fought to overcome the stigmas, vowing that she wouldn’t allow it or anything else to stop her in music career. She has a powerful message to deliver and through her music, she hopes to reach out to fellow Vitiligans and all those struggling to accept themselves/ their appearances in the hope of breaking societal molds, particularly within the music industry.


Grew up in Hackney, London. My sound is inspired by the storytellers of the industry from cadet to jhené. A lot of my songs are meant to help me and others to get through tough situations… I want my music to allow people to process their situations in peace. One of my career highlights, is when I was in a solo artist vocal collective called Urban Flames. I performed with artists like Mira May, our music videos were published on YouTube, our songs were aired on Apple Music and performing at festivals/ venues including the Royal Albert Hall.


Tashaniece is most known for being an innovative and creative song writer and singer . Growing up in West London she has grown up around reggae music and pop/ hip-hop, therefore her music style being so versatile! Tashaniece has been in the music industry for over 10 years now, and ready to spread the vibes around.


Born and raised in London, ‘Groove-Soul’ artist Toria Akin grew up listening to everything from Motown to Disco, R&B to Classic Rock’n’Roll, and even teaching herself Ukulele. Her sound combines her influences such as Lauryn Hill, India Arie and Erykah Badu, along with her own eclectic musical taste, modern ‘Pop’ edge and distinctive vocals. Through her writing, Toria takes listeners on a journey, exploring themes such as self-love, defeat, ambition, and empowerment.


DeDnD, an acronym for Destroy Every Detriment Natural Development. Connor was born, raised in Hackney, East London. His sound is inspired by his own personal experiences and perspectives... driven by the possibility that by vocalising his thoughts and feelings he may be able to reach and/or help to somebody somewhere who may need it. Through his music, he hopes to communicate individual awareness primarily, and that it's okay to be somewhat vulnerable at times and to lean into what feels right for you. His musical career is still at infancy stage... and he believes that he has a lot more highlights to aspire to than to relive at the moment.


A singer/songwriter, poetess, motivational speaker and aspiring author. She is a mother of 2 and survivor of domestic abuse and violence, which she navigated throughout her late teenage years while suffering mentally and physically debilitating chronic pain due to a complex array of conditions. She uses her past traumas and challenges to try and encourage others to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that with mental resilience and a strong support and coping system you can get through any hardship in life. Dhonna seeks to elevate herself and others through her music and original spoken word, and pursues her dreams despite the challenges she has and continues to face.


Hailing from the rolling hills of West Yorkshire, Leeds-born emcee Doberman combines intricately written rhyme schemes with lyrics that flip from pensive to provocative. He moved to London in late 2018 and has since been making himself known in the capital’s hip hop and spoken word scenes, receiving airplay from BBC. Introducing making the shortlist for Wordplay Magazine’s #NOVEMBARS competition, and reaching the final of Sh*ts & Scribbles international poetry slam, which featured over 90 poets from around the world.


I am a spoken word artist. My poetry is birthed from life experiences, and the run ins I have with others on my day to day. Throughout my years of writing, I’ve realised it’s free therapy where I can express and have others listens. My pieces are for him, her, them, you ... everyone. I like to think my poetry is the voice of the voiceless.


Wesley D is an English singer/ songwriter born and raised in North West London. Wesley's blend of captivating vocal hooks and souring guitar melodies has led to him being highly regarded as of the UK’s finest new talents. With a DIY approach to music making, Wesley has had to become a multi faceted in many respects. Not only does he write all of his own music but also: arranges, mixes, produces and plays all of the instruments - quite the undertaking. Although labour intensive, this approach has set the foundation to what promises to be an exiting musical journey. Whilst performing throughout the UK, Wesley promises to deliver his new and exciting music to the worlds stage.


Ali Kozy is a uniquely homegrown artist. He writes, composes and produces his material which transcends cohesively well with his innate ability to perform live with his main instrument (the guitar). His music is described as melodic, heartwarming, uplifting and relatable! He brought Marble Arch tube station to a stand still with his dance provoking busking hits, was featured on ITV news, interviewed by Stephen Mulhern & Emma Willis for Heart Radio, is a voice finalist, BBC One ‘All Together Now' singing TV judge with Spice Girl ‘Geri Halliwell’ & comedian / presenter Rob Beckett’. Ready to rock the stage at any event wherever his funky soulful live looping madness may be required!


Lingo Scott’s sound is described as 'Urban Pop' - a fusion of rnb, pop, soul and Jamaican dancehall amongst other vibes. The native east London singer-songwriter, Lingo’s name may not be recognisable straight away, but chances are you may have come across his work without even knowing it. Having already been on BBC Introducing, been a former host of Deal Real’s legendary in-store events, extended family of the Beatnik Soundsystem and a prolific collaborator, he has previously worked with the likes of Bless Beats, EVM128, Eyedress and French rapper Bilel, whilst clocking up performances at YoYo, ILuvLive, Gold Dust . Miami music Conference and hosting Hype TV in Jamaica!


East London born and raised…but I don’t think this has influenced my music taste as it is wide and varied. I listen to a lot of different genres of music from UK rap to American trap to R&B to Dancehall and Afrobeats. But what I listen to daily normally depends on my mood at that moment.


Jamaican roots, London born and American made. I grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey USA. I went there at the age of 2 with my mother. My sound is inspired by past experiences and also artists who have transcended music over the generations. Through my music, I try to communicate messages of perseverance and and trying to see things on a positive light no matter the circumstance.


A British born rapper from Croydon. He has consistently been writing and producing music for himself and other artists for the last 18 years. He is also the founder and artist of Indigo Records Ltd, which offers various services whilst encouraging their artists to feel empowered by their music while empowering others.


Grew up in Barbados but I was born in UK and returned when I was 10. I wouldn’t say I have a particular sound because my sound changes a lot. I have a variation of gospel, acoustic soulful and then a bit of rub also. In my music I am mainly expressing my feelings and thoughts that change dramatically like everyone else’s.


Grew up in Highbury & Islington, in North London. Music has always played a big part in my life and upbringing… inspired by my late father was an artist lead singer in his band. I’m eclectic so I draw inspiration from many different genres influence from reggae, r&b, hiphop drum and bass and really any music which has an interesting frequency. I want to give my listeners an insight into my past, present and future… also to spread positive vibes with a timeless feel through my music.

MC Reef

Born and grew up in New York. My music is inspired by Nas, Hopsin, Joyner Lucas, live instruments and Ms.Byrd, my music teacher in high school. The message I want to convey from my music and lyrics… always speak your truth, live your life and be free. Nothing is more important than that. My biggest achievement to date is my recent tour in London.

Paris In London

Grew up in north-west London. My family heritage is Jamaica and Barbados. I have so many inspirations but I would say Brandy, Jasmine Sullivan and Mariah Carey. Through my music, I want to inspire others not to ever give up on their dreams and make sure no matter what, to always enjoy the journey. My biggest highlight at the moment is that I have finally finished recording my first EP which should be out soon.

Webster James Linton

British born with the heritage of Jamaican background. Award Winning, 2x Nominee UK-based Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae singer/songwriter. Gospel-trained vocals transferred seamlessly into a heartfelt, soulful style. My music particularly is to express love, freedom, happiness, and hope to the nation. I believe music is for everyone to enjoy and when one has been blessed with a gift, he or she must pass it on. Lovers Rock is a way of connecting with all my black British kings and queens particularly from London.. and takes me down memory lane from when I was young experiencing the love in the room between my Mum and Dad and all the other grown folks and how they enjoy Lovers Rock the music that we created and still enjoy today.

Dirty Toolz

Grew up on the streets of South London Kennington. His parents, of Nigerian roots worked really hard to make ends meet. As a result, Toolz was left alone a lot and he picked up bad habits which landed him in Feltham Young Offenders Institution at 17years old. And he continued to be in and out of prison until the age of 25. His life took a turn for the better after his father’s death, and he vowed to seriously follow his dreams. Music and business became part of his new journey and he is ready to showcase his work to the world.

Remedy Cure+

Grew up in East London in the Borough of Waltham forest but later in life moved to Essex. My sound is inspired by old school hip hop with a fusion of dancehall and afroswing based on emotions and celebrations. My music involves a lot of emotions that people can relate too and I feel I can heal listeners through my music. I released my first EP this year entitled Scribbled Letters and had my first official radio play with my single entitled Tatiana.


Hackney based saxophonist whose musical styles include Jazz and Soul. My name, "Wadada" means love in Swahili. Started off my career in singing, but I felt it was not enough to express the emotions I want through my music. That's how I found my love with the saxophone.. very much inspired by Charlie Parker and other great saxophonists.


At the age of 26, I have experienced various encounters on my journey thus far, a mix of both positive and negative, however the negative seems to hinder/overshadow all. From social barriers to glass ceiling, stereotypes and categorisation, I am tired of being defined by what society deems fit. Therefore, I aim to change the narrative, not just for me, but for a whole generation of talented youngsters, seeking guidance and access to find/enhance their niche, on route to success. Who am I? I am ANOMALOUSS!


I was born in Hackney, East London. My inspiration comes from DINO from R&B group Htown, and also Rapper Nas. Through my music, I am hoping to inspire everyone to be themselves and that everyone has a story. But more importantly, we must remember to tell our story. Because there is always someone who can relate to it whether we realise it or not.

chester caine

My dad is a musician, so I grew up with lots of music around the house, Aretha Franklin, Simon and Garfunkel, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan. Folk music and gospel music are my main influences and I always go back to them, this is the music that moves me the most. I want to communicate the joy and power of expression with my music, the good that it gives me I want to share with those who are listening. And connect with the feelings and parts of us that we all share as humans. A highlight for me is always the feeling when playing live and feeling the room all connected and there together. Both in a band setting and solo. Playing live is always special for me, and each time is different! I am a Londoner.


Originally from Lagos, Nigeria. My biggest inspiration comes from Maya Angelou. Through my words, I would like to inspire authenticity in our selfhood. And through my voice and my performance style, I want my audience to experience the weight of the message I am sharing with them.

Sister Sidney

Born and grew up in South East London, Abbey Wood. Real life experiences inspires my songwriting. I write songs which draw upon things that I have experienced. I'm inspired by artists such as Radiohead and Joni Mitchell. I love the way they tell their story and the honesty in their music. Through my music, I want to convey emotion. I like it when people not only feel something, but also when they can relate to the lyrics of my songs.


London Hackney born and raised. My inspiration came from sitting in front of MTV BASE when I was a kid. Watching all the older kids rapping really started it for me, and I aspire to be one of them. I think more then anything I just want to be heard, and through my music and lyrics, I am able to make that happen. One of my proudest achievement is making the fire station freestyle, which got almost 10k hits on YouTube

black adder

Born and raised in Harrow. My parents were the source of my inspiration. They were really into Motown, Jazz and reggae. And growing up, I wanted to be part of that music scene. I have been performing in bars and nightclubs around London. I also perform with live bands when I get the chance.

Linda Brown

Grew up in East London, Newham I have always draw inspiration from all the great artists such as Al Green, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald. I absolutely love all R’N’B, Soul. Gospel, Opera, Jazz and Reggae. I am just in the beginning of my music career now and looking forward to gaining as much experience as I can. I believe I have much to share of my thoughts with the world through my music, making it a better place for everyone.


Spoken word artist born and raised in London. My inspiration comes from the diverse groups of black men who participated in my not-for-profit passion, my community research project and those whom I collaborated with in my professional role as a real life Psychological Practitioner. I want to convey the experiences of others to enable the audience to connect to others through my brand of spoken word, as I reflect the thoughts and feelings of black men who wanted their stories to be told.


Born and raised in East London, Hackney. My music has been influenced by old school hip-hop, rap and grime so there are various different artists who inspire me. I want my lyrics to really impact my audience… to let them know that we are all going through similar things in life. That you are not alone, and sometimes, all you need to do is just reach out.


Born and raised in Hackney, Stoke Newington. I was inspired by lots of different genres of music… Justin Timberlake, for the way he pleases a crowd… J Cole for his diverse and mind-blowing lyrics. But the one who truly inspired my music is D BLOCK, especially Styles P for the way he touches his subjects with a strong message and uses the microphone to express himself. Through my music, I want to convey that giving up should never be an option…just think about the story of a parent that beats all the stereotypes and challenges.


Grew up in West London. My mother has been a great inspiration in my music career, so are some amazing artists especially Aaliyah and Summer Walker. I got to know Bandjamm through another musician/ artist and I am looking forward to be part of their Bandjamm family. My music conveys many messages – but the one, I truly want to share is my story through love.

dice phoenix

My roots are in the North and Northwest London. My music takes inspiration from my own personal life… whenever I am impacted negatively, I always make sure I see the positive and manifesting it into my music. I believe music is so powerful as a channel, so I am conscious of what I put out there. The message I want to convey is about unity, love and empowerment. It is also about being you, just being! In the moment and accepting that it is a beautiful thing.

gavi omar

London based artist. His incredible unique cadence, word play and flow set him apart from many other artists. Gavi has a proven track record of winning many rap battles and musical awards during his school, college, and university experience. He is also the creative director and manager of Silverback Group, a trendy futuristic brand producing exceptional quality and niche merchandises for events. It's vibrant and cool classic style of design has generated significant buzz and appeal within the industry and hip-hop culture.

kemi sulola

Originally from East London. Her inspiration has been Soul/Rnb artists such as Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys. Through my music, I want to convey the message of hope, realness, God's love, reflection and patience and perseverance. I have self released my own music, which has received radio play and international support on blogs and magazines. I have won awards from my peers for my music and artistry. I have supported artists on their tour performances such as Pj Morton and Teedra Moses.

nina hudson

Born and grew up in Hackney. I love being creative in any way possible. Growing up, my older brother would make music and have me sing on his songs... that's where the inspiration started for my music career. Through my music, I want to convey different emotions, passion and ultimately good energy.


Born in Stoke Newington. I took a lot of inspiration from artists like Jay z and Fifty Cent My music often tell stories based on the realities of life. My most known track My friend Mkgh was performing in Bandjamm so I came to watch and jumped on the bandjamm session at the end and I thought it was good fun - one word - Vibe!


Grew up in Wroclaw, Poland. Moved to France, then Italy, until I ended up in the UK. I started singing thanks to Edith Piaf, her powerful voice and emotional baggage carried through the songs touched my heart. Melody Gardot with her smooth, calming and breathy voice. Both vocalists left the love for jazz in my heart, which I am combining with a contemporary outlook on the world. My music is to make people feel in the right place at the right time. What I am putting into my music is this journey of constant self-discovery and living in the present.




nu chilly



Marli is an Artiste. Whether she is singing, hosting, dancing, posing or acting out a character - Marli is art. Born of Jamaican heritage in South London, Marli began her entertainment journey in the USA, captured the eye of Will.I.Am on The Voice UK, and has graced stages across Europe since. Tune into Marli's soulful, jazzy tones and alternative reggae vibrations.


jab derouchee

Born and based in North London. My biggest inspiration has been Jamie Foxx, Erykah Badu, SWV, Biggie. This will be my second time performing as a solo artist. I absolutely love the vibe and energy Bandjamm brings... very uplifting!


Jus blaze


Grew up in North West London on the Stone bridge Estate. My inspiration came from my mum and stepdad who were DJs on our local radio stations and would often play music at home. I loved listening to Mary J Blige, Louisa Marks, Chaka Khan, Brandy and Monica. I used to sing for my friends and it became apparent that it was something I loved doing. I want my music to make people feel something, it is a way of me releasing how I feel or felt. I just wanted to make music that make people feel something either positive or to understand it is ok to not always be ok.


ste sinclair

bwild flower child




sammy confunktion


aisha peters

Aisha Peters is a MOBO NOMINEE and Capital FM Award winning artist. She creates music that is 'From The Heart' and with the intention to bring the essence of healing with sonic vibrations. Having being a part of blessed opportunities as support tour act for the late great Whitney Houston, P.Diddy and many others Aisha is sharing her knowledge and experience with other artists who are upcoming and seasoned alike to support their self-development journey. Aisha creates music, performs and sings because of the love that she has for the art. Through music Aisha's hope is that people feel the essence of Divine Love.


dj hixon

Grew up in Northampton, studied in Birmingham and I go to studio in London and Manchester. I get my inspiration from various styles of music... I listened to a lot of jhus through my late teens, I like his uniqueness and cool flow. I like M Huncho's melodic delivery as it makes you want to sing along... he set the benchmark for a lot of melodic artists. I also get inspired by artists who can deliver meaningful content in a way that can captivate the listeners. Through my music, I share about things I've been through in life that people may be able to relate to. I try to give off positive energy through my music. My most recent highlight was being played on the BBC. However, as a new artist I can say my highlights are, getting uplifting messages about my music whilst seeing it touch people all around the world.

alisha asare

I am an 18 year old singer-songwriter, with a love for jazz, soul and R&B. I have been singing for as long as I could talk, and I have always enjoyed being around music. Growing up in a household filled with CDs of different genres and styles, it wasn’t difficult for me to pick up on what I loved the most and what I felt the most deeply connected with. Despite the fact that I have just released my debut single, I have been recording and writing songs since I was around 8 years old. I have so so much to give, and I am so grateful that I am able to share my art with others.

amja unabashedly

big daddy paul




Originally from Nigeria. Having to be in the choir at my little age and getting to be in a click of friends doing music together years back inspires my music. I realize I have the melody in me and I decided to pursue it. Sometimes I pick my inspiration about things that happened to me or some experience that happened around me... it depends on what I am thinking at that moment! Sometimes I communicate about love and life issues. One of my key achievements is my EP - you can check it out on my Instagram page. It's a five track album released 2 years ago.


Originally from Camden, London. My inspirations come from the bravery of artists such as Fela Kuti, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Sly and the Family Stone, Bjork... to be totally authentic with their creative power and to use their music as a way to challenge conventions and defy expectations. I want my own music to communicate a sense of freedom, that we all possess. A freedom to be, to create, to dance!
Recent highlights include headline show at Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's (Nov 22), supporting Mama Sutra at Dalston Curve Garden (Jul 22) and supporting Dele Sosimi at The Jago, Dalston (Nov 21).



master sbtb

A rapper from Walthamstow, East London. Best known for great delivery, incredible off-the-dome freestyling ability and relatable music, he lyrically excels on feel good, mellow, old school beats. S has been recording his music from 2006, to hosting a video platform for other young local aspiring artists whilst still attending school (VYBEZ TV). Being an audiophile through and through has only improved the sound he delivers – never compromising quality with anything produced.

tricey r

kaz eagle







Hackney born and bred. My sound started from grime as that's when I started creating music but since then I've been inspired mostly by rap, hip hop, trave wave, dancehall R&B.
My creations are often based on my mood and feelings at the time. I don't have one specific message in itself but it's all about being positive, having confidence in one's self and not being afraid to explore and live life the way you feel happy living it.
Being played on the national radio is one of my highlights to date. It was actually for my latest single release "Move Out the Way". It was reassuring that I'm capable of reaching heights I expect for myself.


Grew up in east, then moved to Reading Berkshire, outskirts of London. My inspiration for my sound came from my problems being isolated and not being treated fairly as a Black man. Through my music, I want to communicate that realness has no filter of good and bad. The dark and the light can both nurture greater understanding. My biggest highlight of my career is being featured as front cover of UK music, being on busses and billboards were a big step in to knowing my level as an artist.



prince ray pope

hughie izachaar

Grew up in Jamaica. When I was young, a neighbour had a guitar and played in the basement of a shop which was used as a dancehall. He taught me how to play. At 8 years old, I listened to ska music and early reggae music. I was inspired by lots of artists but wanted to play like Jimmy Hendricks, Dennis Brown and Jimmy Cliffe. I want people to know that music is like a medicine... it heals the listener and the player too. One of my biggest highlights of my music journey is playing at Glastonbury on a big stage in front of thousands of people. It was an amazing experience that I won't forget.

marcus mcneish

Marcus McNeish is a London based singer/ songwriter and bass Player. His ambitions to be more than another singer or musician, have led him to think big. As well as being described as an outstanding vocalist, Marcus is also an accomplished bass player, playing and recording alongside a variety of artists across many genres, ranging from pop and soul to jazz and fusion rock. His ability to relate to many different styles and approaches stem from the large number of influences, but the most dominant and audible in his own repertoire being that of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Maxwell and Prince.

Life itoya

Born and raised in Greece by Nigerian parents. I want to communicate through my music my life experiences about self empowerment, mental health and social issues. One of the key highlight of my career is that I performed as a backing Singer alongside my elder sister who is also singer, for about 10.000 people in Albania korce biggest festival.



maisie ma'e

“Maisie is a hard working vocalist, who has dedicated herself to the of music at the highest level. I have seen her develop both in technique and performance and am very excited to see where her career goes, as she enters the music industry as a young professional.” Brian Henry (Soul LL Soul, Chaka Khan, Incognito, Gabrielle)
“Maisie has been a pleasure to work with. She has an incredible voice, professional attitude and work ethic. Certainly a vocalist to look out for in the future.” Toby Drummond (The Seahorses, Shaun Ryder, Russell Watson, Ray Davies and Cliff Richard)



master s


rhymie lee


millz nation





Natty Ola

Born in Germany, moved to England when I was 5, then moved to Jamaica, then Miami, Florida and now I'm back in London, England. My journey started with me writing short stories and poems from about 9 years old. But I've never performed or took to spoken word until a friend took me to a show back in 1998. Down to earth, non judgemental assessment of the world around us. I've also performed at the BigChill festival, LoveBox, Africoca festival, Rada Theatre, RoundHouse, Albion Theatre, Ginger Bay cafe, club Calabash, UK unsigned runner up.